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My Summer Adventures


Exclusive and sold only once. eBook Only.

The My Summer Adventures book cover features a captivating scene that immediately evokes the essence of a carefree and exciting summer. Against a backdrop of a sun-kissed beach, golden sands stretch out, and an azure sky stretches overhead. Dominating the foreground are a pair of well-worn boots, suggesting a journey of exploration and discovery.

Limited revisions are included, such as font style, colour and size. Please message me before purchasing to discuss any changes you wish to make.

Please email before purchasing to discuss any changes you wish to make.  Please include the title in the subject line of the email.

* Each purchase will include both a JPEG and a PNG file that are Kindle compatible. They will be 1600 x 2560 pixels in size. All designs are licensed for eBook sales and print runs under 500,000. If your print run exceeds 500,000 sales, an Extended License must be purchased. Thank you for considering Designs by Roi-Bree for your book cover design needs!


eBook Only