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As a young child, I found it difficult to communicate with the people around me. It wasn’t until recently that I learned I wasn’t just shy but suffered from select mutism and social anxiety. When people tried to speak to me I wouldn’t speak out loud. Instead, I would whisper what I wanted to say in my mother’s ear and she would communicate for me. I found a way to share my voice in the third grade when our teacher started having us write stories. Finally, I could share what was inside me with the outside world. I am located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and work with clients around the world.

I am now a self-taught graphic designer with a vision to see my designs on books that will inspire others to find their voice.


How the Magic Happens


Based on the details of your novel submitted in my new client form, I will create an art concept that encompasses the major story elements before sending it to you for feedback.


Once you return your initial feedback on the concept cover, I will make the revisions. This process can be done up to five times, so clear communication is key to the process.

Final Stage​

Once you give your okay on the final draft, I will create the necessary files for you to professionally publish your cover. These files will include a JPG file and a PNG file for eBook covers. If you order a print full-wrap cover, a PDF file will also be sent to you​.