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How do I purchase one of your premade covers?

You can purchase the cover by adding it to your cart and using the Pay with Paypal button on the checkout screen. All premade covers must be paid for upfront. I offer free edits for changing the text font, colour, or position. If you wish to use a specific font that I don’t already own, then an additional fee may apply. Please contact me to discuss any other changes you are interested in and to negotiate a price.

Do you offer custom covers and how much do you charge?

I offer custom covers in three packages called Aster, Lilac, and Lavender which range from basic to comprehensive. The prices range from $150 to $300. All prices are in USD. Visit our packages page for more information on what is included with each level.

How do I book you to do my custom cover and what is the process?

The first step is to send me a message through the contact page or to send me an email at with what package(s) you are interested in purchasing. I will then send you my new client form which will ask for information regarding genre, title, author name, and page count. It will also ask for more specific information regarding your novel including a synopsis, character profiles, key plot points, etc. The more detail you can provide the better, as it will allow me to design a cover that matches the story. If you have examples of covers you like or have a mood board please send copies, as this will give me a place to start from.

Once you return the form, we can choose a date for me to start your design. At this point, I will send you a contract outlining all the agreed-upon terms.

Depending on how complicated the design is, my turnaround time is between 5 and 10 working days.

The majority of the stock images I use will be from as I have a subscription to this site. The final cover will come with a standard term license of up to 500,000 eBook and print copies. Additional copies can be sold with the purchase of an extended license for each stock photo used to create the cover and must be purchased by you directly from If you want to use stock images from a different site then the cost will be an additional fee.

If I purchase the images then I own the license to them, but if you buy and supply the images then you own the license for the original images. The original photographer/owner retains the copyright of the original photos even if they are uploaded to stock websites.

The copyright of the final cover image is retained by me as the artist and can’t be edited or used on any additional products (except free swag used for giveaways) without permission. If you wish to buy the copyright, I charge a $200 flat fee.

Other stock sites that I may use include Servian Stock Images, Bookish Photography, Bewitching Book Stock, Adobe Stock, and

Do you use AI images in your designs?

No, I don’t. There is a lot of legal ambiguity to AI-generated images as they source their data from copyrighted photos and images. At the moment you can’t copyright AI images and that leaves you open to your cover being copied and you having no legal option to stop it.

What is your payment structure?

Premade Covers:

All premade covers are to be paid for upfront via the website’s PayPal portal.

Custom Covers:

Once the contract is signed and returned, a 10% deposit is due. The remaining 90% will be due in two payments. The first payment of 45% is due on the day I am scheduled to begin your cover while the final payment of 45% is due when you approve the final version. All payments are done through PayPal once the invoice is issued. You will receive the final files once all payments have been received.

I decided I don’t want the cover I bought, can I get a refund?

The answer is yes and no. Most issues can be handled with clear communication, so please contact me first before requesting a refund. Otherwise, the following conditions apply.

Premade Covers:

If you have bought the premade cover but no changes have been made to it and you have not received a copy of it, then I will offer a refund. However, if changes have been made and a draft copy/final copy has been sent to you, then no refund is available.

Custom Covers:

If you decide to go another way and cancel at least 15 days prior, I will issue a full refund of your deposit. If you cancel within 15 days of our agreed start date the 10% deposit is non-refundable but the rest of the payments will no longer be due.

If you wish to cancel after work has begun then all money paid at that point will be non-refundable.

If the cover has been completed and you have received the final files then no refund will be available.